Connectivity is crucial for public safety and compliance in every building. Our team refers to wireless communication as the 5th utility, yet it often gets unintentionally overlooked and solutions are needed at the eleventh hour to pass emergency connectivity tests before occupancy can be granted. This recently occurred at Mechanics Bank, where we partnered with our sister company, Timberline Construction, to bolster emergency responder connectivity and help our team obtain a final occupancy permit.

The Challenge

As Timberline Construction was completing a renovation to the Mechanics Bank building they faced an unexpected roadblock. During the inspection, the local fire department’s two-way radios experienced significant signal issues, jeopardizing the occupancy permit. This problem required a quick and reliable solution from TCI, as we excel at enhancing in-building connectivity, creating stronger communication signals and safer environments for our clients.

The Solution

Our team responded swiftly to design and implement an Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement System (ERCES) solution to resolve the radio communication issue. The system included outdoor donor antennas pointed toward the fire department tower, ensuring a strong connection with emergency responders. Inside the building, serving antennas were installed across two floors to extend signal coverage throughout the facility.

The quick turnaround was essential to meet the project’s tight timeline. TCI worked diligently to get the new system up and running, collaborating closely with Timberline Construction and local authorities on compliance with safety codes and regulations. Once the installation was complete, the system underwent testing with the local Fire Chief to confirm that all systems were a go.

The Outcome

TCI completed the ERCES project within record time – the survey, design, construction, commissioning and system check were all completed within an eight-week turnaround. In fixing the radio signal issues, Mechanics Bank and the fire department could rest assured knowing that the building had reliable connectivity in the event of an emergency and Timberline Construction could secure the final occupancy permit to bring the project to a close.

The collaborative efforts of TCI and Timberline Construction demonstrate the strength of our two organizations and our commitment to delivering quality results, even in the face of unexpected challenges. This project is a prime example of how  teamwork, quick problem-solving and our in-building connectivity expertise can ensure network reliability and successful outcomes for our clients.

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