New Site Development

Whether a new tower facility or a complex rooftop build, we align best practices with the latest methods and materials, maximizing quality while ensuring your project meets schedule and budget. Providing full-service construction management and end to end coordination, we work with your team from inception, throughout the development process to integration, providing guidance and construction expertise.

Technology Modifications

We work with our carrier partners and infrastructure providers to upgrade their systems and equip their community with the latest in wireless communications technology. We provide antenna and line services, including radio additions, replacements and realignment of microwave dishes to improve radio links. TCI’s commissioning and integration team is well-versed in various network operating systems and works with your switch operations team to tie into the network.

Distributed Antennas Systems

Our trusted team offers full-service DAS (Distributed Antenna System) delivery. We handle everything from iBwave design and benchmarking to ensure an optimized network, to system configurations for commissioning and integration. We work with facility managers and owners throughout the installation process to make sure aesthetics are considered.

Small Cell

Our team coordinates ROW (Right of Way) and utility permitting, provides installation services for collocations, new pole sets and resources to tie into electrical service and commissioning services. We are proud to be at the forefront of small cell construction and have been instrumental in establishing the installation standards that are widely accepted by both the carrier community and utility companies alike.

Repair & Maintenance

We pride ourselves in always being at the ready to fix and maintain our client’s networks. Our team consists of skilled managers with field expertise as well as RF technicians, electricians and civil crews with specialized skills centered on wireless technologies.

Emergency Response & Special Events

We deliver full-scale regional coverage and are the point of contact for major Tier 1 carriers in the New England market. Our team provides 24/ 7 emergency response 365 days a year, employing over 90 field resources – radio frequency technicians, electricians, civil and carpentry crews. Additionally, we service major area events to ensure proper coverage when there is a known need for temporary mass coverage. 

Electrical Services

While each project is unique and every site is different, our experienced team of electricians and wiring professionals works directly with our customers to provide first-class electrical and telco systems services for your project. We are committed to the highest level of quality and our team works diligently to meet the demands of a fast-paced, evolving communications market.

Sustainable Infrastructure Development & Deployment

We support green, sustainable energy programs that leave our planet a little better than the way we found it. Our skilled technicians have demonstrative and transferable knowledge from our telecommunications and wireless sectors to support the EV and Solar industries.

EV Infrastructure

With the wider adoption of hybrid and fully electric vehicles, EV charging infrastructure is a much-needed commodity. Our understanding of complicated network architecture and infrastructure makes our team a natural fit in the EV space. We handle logistics, material management, site construction, electrical construction and system commissioning.

Solar Infrastructure Construction

Our experienced steel installation technicians and mechanics are well-versed in all racking systems and supplier methods. We honed our craft in complex tower erection and have transferred those skills to solar installations. Working with your engineering teams, our photovoltaic (PV) module placement methods protect system integrity while ensuring proper installation. Our civil team is fluent in foundation methodologies – from  piles and ballasts to earth screws and helical anchoring, we will ensure that your system remains grounded.

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