I’d like to express gratitude for TCI’s assistance to the Net Ops Team and your support in expediting tickets – both for Strike and Power… Your commitment and dedication allowed us to overachieve our aging metrics goals, finishing strong in the North East markets... Thank you, we truly appreciate your partnership.
On Behalf of the Mobilitie NetOps Team

Exceptional. No Exceptions.

Our founder and CEO, Steven Kelly, started Timberline Construction in 2002 with one guiding principal. Be exceptional. “Exceptional by choice, eliminates compromise and fosters success” said Kelly. Assembling a smart team with strong technical knowledge and a single focus on client success is required in the business of wireless infrastructure development.

With strong focus on client needs and attention to detail, TCI has created a reputation for being the premier provider of wireless infrastructure development and telecommunications construction services. Building great relationships, while providing precise budgeting, diligent scheduling, comprehensive communication and delivering on promises, is what keeps our clients coming back to us.

Whatever project our team encounters – from complex rooftop installations, to a simple carrier add, or a multi-faceted technical DAS or small cell network – high-profile organizations choose TCI because they demand exceptional. No exceptions.

With great pride, we serve as an organization focused on delivering accurate,
consistent and professional services at every level. Our customers are our partners.

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