Small cell’s and oDAS systems are the beachhead of 5G services delivery, improving network performance in areas difficult to serve by traditional means. TCI has been at the forefront of technology advancements and has deep experience complex DAS and small cell systems. TCI’s experienced OSP and construction engineers select the right solution and placement based on their knowledge of pole standards, network requirements and equipment limitations.


TCI provides Turnkey construction and construction management for all types of small cell and oDAS installations, from utility pole and light pole attachments to street furniture and the more traditional, building applications. TCI’s fleet includes mini excavators, bucket trucks and cherry pickers ready to deploy. Our wireless construction technicians are certified by the OEM’s to install and maintain wireless equipment.


TCI’s Emergency Response staff offers 24/7 – 365 to our customers to dispatch, assess, ad repair sites throughout the region. TCI provides routine maintenance based on OEM guidance and carrier standards for small cells and oDAS nodes.

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