Waltham, MA

Our team of experts installed LTE on an existing AT&T self-supporting tower site, the three new LTE antennas were fitted to the existing mount with three Remote Radio heads. The team also installed a DC surge arrestor/Fiber patch panel unit at the level of the sector, to provide DC power and communication to the radio heads. Two - Three pair DC wires feed the Surge arrestor as well as a 12 pair Fiber optic cable (trunk Line) installed in the existing cable ladder 130’ up the side of the tower. Fiber optic inspection and power level readings were performed to prove the integrity of the system at the end of each build by the field technicians.

Dedham, MA

TCI was hired to dismantle an existing T-Mobile site and clock tower in the space and relocate it to another part of the building.  The schedule for the tenant fit-out required that the site be dismantled quickly, before the new tower could be constructed.  To accommodate the schedule, we built a temporary tower (COW) to maintain call traffic, then demolished the old site and returned equipment to T-Mobile.  Timberline then began construction on the new tower, which involved installing the foundation, erecting the steel and preparing the tower for operation.

The Davis Companies

Saint Clare Church Steeple

Westerly, RI

The purpose of this project was to resolve an issue with inadequate phone service. The unreliable service affected the community as a whole, including interfering with 911 emergency operations.  A church steeple cell site solution was designed by the carrier with TCI’s assistance.  A shelter was installed within the lower steeple section and the top portion of old steeple was removed.  The new steeple arrived on site and all of the antennas and radios were installed inside.  Two team members worked in a man lift to communicate with the crane operator while setting the steeple in place. The pick went very well and the steeple was set on the same day.  Following the installation, the steeple was sided and painted.

Boston, MA

This project was a T-Mobile upgrade for Ericsson equipment.  The 3G to 4G upgrade with new AIR 21 antennas and hybrid cable was completed on time by our team of experienced tower technicians.

T-Mobile, Terrace Street

Burlington, MA

Coordinating with 6 carriers, TCI constructed a new 32’x 40’ building to house telecommunications equipment for AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, Cingular, T-Mobile and Verizon in Burlington, MA. Work included: tank staging, vertical compression bands and installation of all carrier antenna, cables and equipment.

AT&T and Rhode Island State Police

South Kingston, RI

Timberline installed a new FAA International Orange and White 240’ self-supporting tower.  The project included a new foundation and removing the existing SST.  The team installed new communication systems for Rhode Island State Police and AT&T Wireless.

Boston Center for the Arts

Water Tanks

Bear Hill

Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center

Boston, MA

Timberline built a new 10x20 shelter on the rooftop of the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center directly above one of Fidelity's sound studios.  Our team installed 12 new coax cable runs to three different sectors with over 1500 feet of cable tray.  Some runs were up to 780 feet from the shelter over multiple roofs to the outer limits of the building.  All work for this project was coordinated and built using union labor.  At the time it was one of the biggest build-outs of a rooftop in the Boston area.

Verizon, Framingham

Framingham, MA

This project included structural repairs to an existing chimney for a 4G AWS antenna system upgrade.

Westerly, RI

Timberline installed the 100' monopole and enclosed a 75’x75’ compound with fencing.  The installation also included a 3Gang 600-amp power distribution, new CSCS vault for telco, and complete ground ring.

SAI Egremont AT&T Install

Egremont, MA

The job was a co-location for SAI to install a AT&T UMTS/GSM site at the top of the newly installed Monopole, also performed by Timberline. Our team poured a shelter pad as well as generator pad at the site which was half way up the Catamount Ski resort ski hill. The 50,000 lb. shelter and generator were set with 120 ton crane all of which had to be moved from the parking lot up the ski hill using heavy equipment and a specialized off road trailer. The top platform was prepped with all of the antennas and associated equipment mounted to it and was also set using the crane. Twelve 1-5/8” lines were run up the tower, connected and tested to complete the RF install. Erosion control systems were installed on the back side of the compound as well.

Multiple Carrier Equipment Relocation

Boston, MA

During renovations of the building, Timberline relocated all power and ground wire for all wireless carriers from outside of the building to a new shaft  within the building. Clients for this project included Sprint/Nextel, AT&T, and T-Mobile. In addition to equipment relocation, Timberline built a new 10x30 shelter within the building for Sprint/Nextel and relocated their lines and equipment from an existing exterior monopole to a new room located inside the building. A custom made dog house was also constructed to accommodate 32 runs of coax cable from the roof. TCC also ran new coax cable for AT&T to the newly constructed shaft within the building. All work for this project was coordinated and built using union labor.

Pembroke Flagpole - Verizon Site for Crown Castle

Pembroke, MA

Plumbing was installed to power the backup generator on this project. Also, the scope of this project included an underground water drainage system covering the footprint of the shelter plus 4’ around it to control the rain water runoff from affecting the adjacent wetlands that abut the site.

AT&T LTE Upgrade

Dorchester, MA

Working with SAI Communications, Timberline completed a LTE upgrade for AT&T. The BRA of Boston would only approve the upgrade if the entire existing and new portion of the site was reconfigured and put inside a stealth enclosure. The team coordinated with the stealth company, Boston Police detail for street lane closure, and Crane company to lift steel frame to roof. The site had to be shut down to be moved out of the way for the new steel sub-frame installation and then shut down again once it was all installed on the new frame and old mounts removed from the roof with another crane. A building specified roofer was used to close in roof penetrations for steel frame during install

Lynn, MA

This project included an installation of three Wimax antennas  90’ AGL, custom paint match for antennas to match chimney, installation of 2’ microwave dish and reconfiguration of existing equipment to accommodate new technologies.

Clearwire, Linden Street

Sharon-Knollwood Monopole

Sharon, MA

The clearing out a site, including a significant amount of rock ledge, for the raw land construction of a new 120’ Monopole and surrounding compound in Sharon, MA for Mariner Tower. The scope of work also involved 100 feet of hay bales and a silt fence for where the site borders the wetlands to maintain erosion control as well as a 55 foot manhole and RCP for drainage. A 400 foot orange fence was utilized during construction to mark and enforce a no work area where it was discovered to be a tribal artifact area.

Exeter, NH

A 300 square-foot room was built in a church basement for METRO PCS, Coax runs approximately 150'. Work included electrical, HVAC, telco, and fire alarm tie in; as well as a stealth antenna install in pillars located on top steeple.


T-Mobile Turner Falls Church

Turner Falls, MA

A new Carrier space developed inside church steeple which included a 300 square-foot room built on steel platform and Stealth install of six antennas in existing steeple. The team installed full HVAC, electrical, telco, and fire alarm tie-in, while coordinating with the local electric company and building owner for full electrical upgrade to building.

Sudbury, MA

On the Historic Wayside in Church Inn Timberline successfully installed antennas and lines through a 100 year old church for Verizon Wireless. TCI replaced existing wooden panels with Radio Frequency transparent fiberglass panels. The 200 sq. ft. equipment room build-out was installed in the basement with full self supported HVAC, electric and FM -200 system fire suppression systems. 

Wayside Inn Church

Westerly T-Mobile

Westerly, RI

The T-Mobile colocation involved the installation of three GSM/UMTS antennas and six lines of 1 5/8” coax. A BTS and PPC cabinet were each also installed. 


Boston, MA

Timberline installed a full six-sector Metro site on a roof top. The equipment pad was set at street level in a back alley with a new concrete pad and fence enclosure. The site spanned two different buildings and multiple antenna heights. A 60’ Telco run to Demarcation point in one building, while a 75’ power and grounding run with sub meter and disconnect tied to a different existing building panel. The RF Cable run was a 50' vertical rise; two lines ran to six different sectors and ranged in lengths from 85’ to 270’ over the roof of the two buildings. Antennas were faced mounted and painted to match the existing exterior of the building at the direction of the BRA.

T-Mobile Monopole

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