Boston, MA

Back Bay DAS

  • The project included installing 15 custom light poles to replace existing ones throughout the Back Bay area.

  • The team coordinated: Boston Police Department details; cranes to remove and install light poles; bucket trucks to remove and install; and a civil construction crew to dig up and repair streets after new pole and concrete bases were installed.

  • All poles contained a specialized base with Radio head units, capable of handling multi-carrier traffic, wired with the city power feed to the old pole and meters installed at each; as well as fiber optic cable taken in from a buried Hand hole box in the street.

  • Antennas were mounted atop the poles and original light pole arms and functioning lights were field adapted an replaced to match the ones that were removed.

Boston, MA

Central Artery Tunnel DAS

  • TCI installed a state-of-the-art Distributed Antenna Communications System in the central artery tunnel system in downtown Boston, MA.

  • The systems were comprised of 43 fibers fed Andrew ION-M remote units located throughout the tunnel, which in turn fed 161 distributed antennas via coax cables.

  • Installation of this system was done entirely off hours using union labor and involved the shutdown of Route 93 both North and South traffic, as well as various off ramps during the duration of the project.

  • This project was built over the course of one year at a cost of over $5 Million.

Boston, MA

Logan International Airport DAS

  • Timberline completed a DAS hotel project for six carriers, including Verizon Wireless, which tied into fiber loop that connected Terminal B, C and D.

  • Project included the installation of DAS fiber and antennas inside terminals; providing a complete DAS system.

Boston, MA

Democratic National Convention DAS

  • Within a three week time frame, Timberline worked with Nextel and the Secret Service providing full coverage and safety in the Boston area.

  • The project included building out sites in three major hotels with the installation of full electrical, HVAC, fire alarm and radio frequency systems.

  • Antenna units ranged from 250 to 500 plus feet, and were installed by our team working around the clock.

Piscataway, NJ

Rutgers University DAS

This project involved the installation of a DAS network for Crown Castle USA. The new hub site is located at Rutgers University High Point Solutions Football Stadium. Scope also included electrical, HVAC and roofing work. The success of this project is attributed to a combined effort from Timberline’s General Contracting and Wireless Divisions.

Boston, MA

Verizon Park Plaza Neutral Host DAS

Project included wiring the entire Park Plaza Boston Hotel with a neutral host DAS system using Corning radio equipment.  The project was performed utilizing union labor and provided much needed cell coverage throughout all 17 floors of the building.  The system also included three zones, one being SISO and two being MIMO. The coverage serves not only hotel guests but some of the retail venues and support staff in the dead spaces found throughout the basement level. A total of 26 remote radios and 304 antennas were installed through the building and a small 196 SF room was built out on the 17th floor to house the equipment. The room features fresh air exhausting as well as 2 5-ton AC units and an FM200 Halon Fire suppression system.


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