Waltham, MA

Bear Hill Waltham

  • A LTE Site was installed on an existing AT&T self-supporting tower site, the three new LTE antennas were fitted to the existing mount with three Remote Radio heads.

  • The team also installed a DC surge arrestor/Fiber patch panel unit at the level of the sector, to provide DC power and communication to the radio heads.

  • Two - Three pair DC wires feed the Surge arrestor as well as a 12 pair Fiber optic cable (trunk Line) installed in the existing cable ladder 130’ up the side of the tower.

  • Fiber optic inspection and power level readings were performed to prove the integrity of the system at the end of each build by the field technicians.

Westerly, RI

Westerly T-Mobile

  • The T-Mobile colocation involved the installation of three GSM/UMTS antennas and six lines of 1 5/8” coax.

  • A BTS and PPC cabinet were each also installed. 

Pembroke, MA

Pembroke Flagpole - Verizon Site for Crown Castle

  • Plumbing was installed to power the backup generator. Part of the project included an underground water drainage system covering the footprint of the shelter plus 4’ around it to control the rain water runoff from affecting the adjacent wetlands that abut the site.

Egremont, MA

SAI Egremont AT&T Install

  • The job was a co-location for SAI to install a AT&T UMTS/GSM site at the top of the newly installed Monopole, also performed by Timberline.

  • We had to pour a shelter pad as well as generator pad at the site which was half way up the Catamount Ski resort ski hill.

  • The 50,000 lb. shelter and generator were set with 120 ton crane all of which had to be moved from the parking lot up the ski hill using heavy equipment and a specialized off road trailer.

  • The top platform was prepped with all of the antennas and associated equipment mounted to it and was also set using the crane.

  • Twelve 1-5/8” lines were run up the tower, connected and tested to complete the RF install.

  • Erosion control systems were installed on the back side of the compound as well.


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